Drug-Level Differences: Analyzing Biotech Companies Using Visible Alpha

On January 8, 2021, Jefferies Equity Research published a biotechnology research report, “Drug-Level Differences: Analyzing Biotech Companies Using Visible Alpha.” In this report, Jefferies examined 180 U.S. biotech stocks using Visible Alpha’s proprietary consensus forecast data as a primary source of information. Download the report to see how you can use Visible Alpha's consensus data for your investment research process.

By leveraging our consensus estimates, Jefferies was able to discern where their theses deviated from consensus on granular line items that are not available through traditional consensus providers. In this analysis, Jefferies analyzed over 700 individual drug-level line items with consensus estimates going out to the year 2030 in many instances.

Note: Jefferies is an investor in Visible Alpha.

Jeffries Report Open Book

"We used Visible Alpha's proprietary industry data sets to comb through Jefferies' biotechnology sector coverage universe. We targeted specific, drug-level situations where significant disparities exist between Jefferies analyst forecasts and the broader consensus. The situations highlighted in this report are not just slight differences in top line revenue forecasts, but deeper deviations in terms of specific assumptions. We emphasize that without the standardized, line-by-line data provided by Visible Alpha, such analysis would not have been possible."

-Drug-Level Differences: Analyzing Biotech Companies Using Visible Alpha

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Visible Alpha provides equity analysts on both the sell side and buy side with the granular data needed to isolate key drivers of a company or industry. Sell-side equity research departments, as in this instance, are able to emphasize differentiated ideas to their clients by showing where their convictions are higher or lower than consensus and the key drivers of their differentiated views. Buy-side analysts can leverage our consensus data to instantly discover investment controversies and compare line items at a company and industry level to boost confidence in their investment recommendations. 


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