For most firms, a primary focus in 2017 was preparing for MiFID II regulations. Now, we move to a new focus: implementation and management and Visible Alpha has evolved to keep pace with this change. In addition to the research resource tracking, budgeting and evaluation tools launched last year, we now offer a comprehensive solution for managing contracts, trials and inducements.

All of this is connected to our existing offering so that managing your provider relationships in this complex regulatory environment is simple.

How does Visible Alpha help you comply?
ONEaccess MiFID II Solution Resource Tracking Research Provider Valuation Reverse Entitlements Budgeting CSA RPA Integrations


One Solution. All the MiFID II Compliance.

Provider Hub

Improve the efficiency of managing your business in a MiFID II world. Track and manage provider trials, contracts, contacts and relationships.


Reverse Entitlements

Manage your risk of MiFID II inducements across all research provider and vendor channels. Easily manage access to providers and evaluate which vendors are out of compliance.


Email Inducements

Implement greater controls around limiting potential inducements via email. Through an automated or Outlook Plug-In solution, flag any emails containing research and communicate directly with providers to correct any potential issues.


Resource Tracking

Provides a quantitative lens to effectively discover, track, analyze and value broker interactions. By employing a proprietary process, ONEaccess can source clean interactions data from 450+ contributing brokers and provide transparency into what you are consuming.



Establish and manage your research budgets with greater confidence. Set your budget with more granularity, evaluate consumption patterns and trigger alerts in order to ensure you and your team stay on budget.


Research Provider Valuation (Broker Vote)

Interactions flow from Resource Tracking into our Research Provider Valuation Solution (Broker Vote) so you can assess the value of the research you consumed. Detailed reporting and recommended scores based on preset rate cards allow your spend to be accurately allocated.

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